Rare or Well Done?

I’m not scared,
Of a little pink,
Or of well done, no pink.
The textures are different.
I can eat a steak,
That is still cold on the inside.
Or one that is well done.
I don’t even think about the pink.
What I notice more is the texture.
Rare is more chewy.
More moist.
While well done more dry,
Breaks apart in my mouth.
The goal is medium.
Best of both worlds.
The perfect amount of juice,
To the meat.
But that is hard to produce.
So I eat what I cook,
Whether it is pink or not,
I will devour it.



I really enjoy saying that.

I say it in the the Will Ferrell voice from Anchorman,

When he goes “CANNONBALL”

Watch below,

Now switch “Cannonball” with “Tomahawk”,

That’s me.

It was delicious.

A whopping 1.7 pounds in total.

Bone included.

I ate it all,

Not the bone.

This big Tomahawk came from Jeffrey.

Jeffrey has a lot of meat on his shelf,

It doesn’t always look too appealing,

For I don’t know how long its been there,

Or what has been added to the steak to make it last longer.

But I guess thats what ya get from Amazon.

Begger’s can’t be choosers,

As they say.

Because it was delicious,

And my local meat source doesn’t supply…..




I love steak.

It is just great.

Whether it’s a ribeye.

Or something I just get on the fly.

It satisfies me.

And I become filled with glee.

I even love hamburger,

A pound of the ground,

Makes me want to go on a bender.

Until I have found,

Whatever it is I am looking for.

So there is a lot in store.


What Steak.

There’s something to be said,

About the freshness of the steak.

How long since it’s been living.

Has it traveled across the country?

Across the globe?

Meat isn’t supposed to last forever.

It is supposed to be eaten.

Not pumped full of chemicals,

To continue it’s life in a refirgorator.

The freshest is the bestest.

So do your research,

And buy the freshest meat you can find.

Once you find it,

You wont go back to grocery bought steak.

Woof Gang.

Steak vs. Fake

It is interesting,

When I eat steak,

My body feels great.

It feels nourished.

I eat about a pound,

And don’t feel over full.

I also don’t feel the need to eat more.

I am fueled up,

Ready to tackle the day.

On the contrary,

I eat some processed,

Fake food,

That was made in a lab.

Won’t go bad.

And I feel like trash.

So I will eat steak.

As much as possible,

Not only does it taste delicious,

But it makes me feel good,

So why would I do anything else?

– WoofGang 🥩🥩🥩🥩🥩

The Great Steak.

I have to say.

The best steak I have ever had.

Is a New York Strip.

From Ragged Branch Distillery.

A little salt.

A little pepper.

Tossed on my old propane grill.

Cooked Medium Rare.

A quick rest.

Still hot on the touch.

A charred crust.

A juicy inside.

A delicious combiantion.

Cannot be beat.


We Hungry.

I just finished the laundry,

Feeling very hungry.

I opened the ice chest,

I could see my breathe.

I looked upon the meat,

I wanted to eat.

The grill was warming,

My stomach was storming.

I prepared the New York Strip,

I could hardly keep a grip,

On the pepper and salt,

It was my fault.

I didn’t eat all day,

So I dropped two steaks on the grill.

I was about to get my fill.


Human or AI?

I write, not AI.

It’s me, I don’t want to lie.

So I type and I don’t gripe.

Because I eat the food, not the robot.

I can’t stop, or else I would drop.

I am a human and I must rule.

Not a robot who runs on fuel.

So I eat steak and drink a shake.

These stories may make you drool,

Use it as fuel!


Three meats.

One Rito.

Is this legal?

Shaved Sirloin.


Pulled Chicken.

Somebody punch me in the groin

Because I must be dreamin.

The 3 best meats that any one has ever had.

Doused in Pico De Gallo.

Beans and rice to cut the spice.

Wrapped in a tight tortilla.

Cut in half, not ideal.

But with that much meat,

The tortilla needs a break.

Or else it will break.

The meats blended together.

A chip in between bites to add some crunch.

I ate and ate.

The tight tortilla held up perfect.

No mess on my plate.

It had the desired effect.

I was happy and full.

Thanks Two Brothers Southwestern Grill!