I really enjoy saying that.

I say it in the the Will Ferrell voice from Anchorman,

When he goes “CANNONBALL”

Watch below,

Now switch “Cannonball” with “Tomahawk”,

That’s me.

It was delicious.

A whopping 1.7 pounds in total.

Bone included.

I ate it all,

Not the bone.

This big Tomahawk came from Jeffrey.

Jeffrey has a lot of meat on his shelf,

It doesn’t always look too appealing,

For I don’t know how long its been there,

Or what has been added to the steak to make it last longer.

But I guess thats what ya get from Amazon.

Begger’s can’t be choosers,

As they say.

Because it was delicious,

And my local meat source doesn’t supply…..