Hungry For More.

Copper Mountain Food Truck.

I was looking for a Rito.

I saw a truck.

I wondered,

If there was food in yonder.

I walked closer,

Vision was blurred.

I rubbed my eyes.

To my surprise,

There was a menu,

With a rito,

At the top.

The truck driver said,

“That jacket looks thin,

Are you cold?”

Yes but this Rito is about to warm me up.

She looked at her teammate.

He handed her a rito shaped tinfoil.

She handed it to me.

I was confused.

How did you make it that fast.

Was it a blast from the past?

Or am I just trashed.

Don’t worry,

They just had a stash.

Of breakfast ritos under a red light.

Which I vibe with.

I took a bite,

The cheese had been melted a time or two,

But what was I gonna do?

Eat the hot rito.

In the cold air.

Hot & Cold.

Didn’t even need any tabasco.

I wanted to go back for round two,

But remembered,

I had skis.

Cheers Sendy’s.