Chipotle is Family

It had been a while,

Since I had seen you,

I was worried you wouldn’t recognize me,

Time is not always kind,

As soon as I got to the glass,

Separating me,

From the warm fillings of a burrito,

I looked him in the eye.

He looked me in the eye.

At the same time,

We both smiled,

“Whats up man! It’s been a while!”

Sometimes the bond is bigger than the burrito,


He was wrapping my burrito.

A normal wrapper would’ve needed 2 tortillas,

But not my him.

The cashier had a look of fear on his face,

He quickly turned into a hype man,

“You got this! Wrap that RITO!”

He laughed as he cupped the tortilla around the fillings.

I could see the guac trying to seep though the creases,

The warm tortilla stretching.

It was a big burrito.

As he rolled the Rito over one last time,

He grabbed an additional tin foil.

I nodded and said,

“Now thats how its done! Good work my friend!”

The man behind exclaimed,


He couldn’t believe it,

But I could.

Thanks to Chipotle,

I now need to take a nap.